The Magick of January

In this post you will learn about the things that corresponds with January and also some magick that you might to focus on during the first month of the year. Numerology:January have 31 days.In numerology 31 is the number of practicality, yet creativity, and energy. Full Moon: Wolf Moon Zodiac Signs: Capricorn & Aquarius CrystalsContinue reading “The Magick of January”

Last Minute Yule Ideas

If you haven’t prepared anything for celebrating Yule, then this post might be helpful. In this post I’m sharing some last minute ideas. Read books that have Christmas/Winter/Yule theme. Stay up all night on the night of the winter solstice to welcome back the light.In ancient days, people stayed awake to make sure the sunContinue reading “Last Minute Yule Ideas”

Yule Foods

In this post I will share some foods that you might want to add to your celebration of Yule. I will also share some recipes that you might want to try. 🍪CookiesSpiced Cider🍰Fruit cake🌰Nuts🐷Pork dishes🦃TurkeyEggnog 🍵Ginger tea Wassail🍎ApplesMulled wineBeans🍊OrangesGingerbreadRoast beef Drinks Wassail Wassail was originally a word that meant to greet or salute someone–groups would go outContinue reading “Yule Foods”

The History of Yule

In this post you will learn more about the history of Yule and how it is celebrated around the world today. Yule takes place on the day of the Winter Solstice (around December 21 in the northern hemisphere, in the southern hemispere the winter solstice falls around June 21). Origins of Yule in Europe In theContinue reading “The History of Yule”

Yule Colors

In this post you will learn about which colors that corresponds with Yule and also their magickal properties. Blue – Faith, Sincerity, Intuition Green – Green has been associated with the Yule for many years, and by many different cultures. Green is related to Prosperity and Abundance, Rebirth and Renewal. Gold – Gold is oftenContinue reading “Yule Colors”

Yule Facts

In this post you will learn some facts about Yule/Christmas, and modern Christmas traditions that originates from ancient Pagan cultures. One really interesting fact about the solstice is that the southern hemisphere welcomes the summer, and celebrates the summer solstice, at the same time that the Northen Hemisphere welcomes the winter. There are 2 solstices inContinue reading “Yule Facts”

Yule Crystals

In this post I will share some crystals that you can use on your Yule altar or use in your magickal practice. 💎Amethyst – Spirituality, Inuition, Protection 💎 Bloodstone/Heliotrope – Determination, Nobility, Detox 💎 Clear Quartz – Works with all chakras, can be used to replace any other crystal. 💎 Diamond – Energy amplifier, Receiving Divine Guidance 💎Continue reading “Yule Crystals”

Last Minute Imbolc Ideas

If you haven’t prepared anything for celebrating Imbolc, then this post might be helpful. In this post I’m sharing some last minute ideas. Also this post contains a oil recipe. Light candles, even better if they are scented with herbs or flowers that corresponds with this Sabbat. Wear colors that corresponds with Imbolc, then goContinue reading “Last Minute Imbolc Ideas”

The Awakening Soul

Are you an Awakened Soul? In this post I will share a message to all awakened souls and also signs that you might be one. An Awakening Soul is someone who’s starting to become more “Awake” or conscious of the inner and external worlds. As an Awakening Soul, you are currently going through a periodContinue reading “The Awakening Soul”

Wild Soul

What is a Wild Soul? There this beautiful expression that mentions many free spirited people who are searching something in life; these people identify themselves as Wild Souls. The vagabond nomadic lifestyle perfectly embodies the feelings of the eternal wanderer; a wild spirit that continuously searches for a home, while battling their inner demons andContinue reading “Wild Soul”


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