Yule Foods

In this post I will share some foods that you might want to add to your celebration of Yule. I will also share some recipes that you might want to try. 🍪CookiesSpiced Cider🍰Fruit cake🌰Nuts🐷Pork dishes🦃TurkeyEggnog 🍵Ginger tea Wassail🍎ApplesMulled wineBeans🍊OrangesGingerbreadRoast beef Drinks Wassail Wassail was originally a word that meant to greet or salute someone–groups would go outContinue reading “Yule Foods”

Yule Crystals

In this post I will share some crystals that you can use on your Yule altar or use in your magickal practice. 💎Amethyst – Spirituality, Inuition, Protection 💎 Bloodstone/Heliotrope – Determination, Nobility, Detox 💎 Clear Quartz – Works with all chakras, can be used to replace any other crystal. 💎 Diamond – Energy amplifier, Receiving Divine Guidance 💎Continue reading “Yule Crystals”

Last Minute Imbolc Ideas

If you haven’t prepared anything for celebrating Imbolc, then this post might be helpful. In this post I’m sharing some last minute ideas. Also this post contains a oil recipe. Light candles, even better if they are scented with herbs or flowers that corresponds with this Sabbat. Wear colors that corresponds with Imbolc, then goContinue reading “Last Minute Imbolc Ideas”

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